Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge

Unify the inormation about one particular place


The basic effect of data collection could be a huge database, leading to:

  • - description of the places with specified information about them,
  • - specification the places where the certain phenomenas occur ,depends on the kind of the phenomena (a factual place existence would be important here)
  • - mapping of places described before, basing on thematic criteria (e.g Google Maps)

Basing on description of the particular places we could create a description of the particular settlements/villages/towns. It could be traditionally a general descriptions, as we can see for instance in tourist guides, but with difference, that the information base could come from as many fields of knowledge an possible. A virtual type of this database could get these descriptions on a different levels depends of the unit range. The best example of this is today Geoportal, where using a magnifying glass we can get more detailed satellite imagery up to the moment, where we can distinguish a single cadasters. We could do the same in the Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge, using the "zoom in" option and get the data for smaller and smaller areas up to a single cadasters ultimately.

In terms of the explanation above the Virtual Regional Knowledge Database could be something more than Wikipedia.. The Virtual Regional Knowledge Database could be compared to the Wikimapia, where depends on the zoom level we have more units with editeable data interface.

The Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge could include a detailed place description as an effect of the synthezis the descriptions of particular places (inferior units), located within this place.