Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge

Unify the inormation about one particular place


The Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge can be a tool, which can equal an development opportunities for all areas, thanks to much easier accessibility of the information from the wide range of many fields. Nowadays despite of a wide access to the information from many sources is still many things to do within this issue.

The information transmission is very heterogenous, making some areas better described and another worse. A good example is the Wikipedia with her sister projects. Nowhere the information are shown on equal level. Moreover these information are not sufficient for many places, becuase in many cases we can find a general descriptions only. Gathering the information about a smaller units is practically impossible. Even, when some place is interesting is hard to collect information about it.

The Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge couuld play a role of the vast virtual library, useful for everyone in order to education. Any user could be able to research the information as quick as possible both after imput the key word in the search engine or after hovering the cadaster, typing the place address likewise in Google or some tourist apps, virtual maps, etc. A basic threat srising out of this project could refer to the libraries and books itself. Anyway this process is to be observed nowadays, when the traditional book is gradually superseeded by i.e audiobooks and other multimedial sources of information.

Bearing in mind, that today most of people do the job not really associated with them profile of education the Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge project could significantly reduce a world problem of the structural unemployment and unemployment in general.

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