Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge

Unify the inormation about one particular place


The Virtual Database of Regional Knowledge is my brain child about a collection all of the information about a random area. Nowadays we are everywhere surrounded by information technology and we have a huge accessibility to the information from almost every place in the world. You have many tools, which helps you to get some information about the place, which you are interested in. You can use Google, Wikipedia and for example some tourist apps like OsMand, that lets you get essential quickly and conveniently. Unfortunately the transmission of information is still not equal. Some places has been described better, another much worst. When you want to find some information about the places situated in the rural or outback area you may have problems likewise in case of some parts of the city.

My idea shows the solution, where every place, even the smallest area like a cadastre, a hamlet or a district will present many information about itself. We need to implement a project, hire a lot of people and start gather the information, which are actually available. When you will create the database for the smallest area you need to refer to a big area in order to get some general information. The best way to kake this database is browsing the literature, checking the maps, making the site survey and carrying out a community interviews.

After gathering the information we need to put everything together and digitalize it to make a sort of huge virtual library about every, even smallest place. This library may be utilised for everyone. Another case arising out of this project is reduction of the structural unemployment among especially young, graduated people from many countries.

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