(Google) Travel Guide

The application for tourist stuff and individual customers


Pic.18 Head app interface visualization

If you would prepare your individual trip you would use (create your own trip) option mode where interface would be similar to previous one. During preparation your own trip you could have following options:
- select the place (town), where you would like to start your trip (select basic location),
- select destinations of your trip (select destination), where you can input 1 or more places by click (add) button,
- select prepared route by yourself (select route) with 3 options as follows:

  • (generate route), where the app would create the track like typical road navigation (the fastest or the shortest way),
  • (show optional routes) including a few best tracks possible to use (with respect to distance, road quality and time),
  • (prepare route manually), where user could pick the road, diversions, etc. on his own.
  • When everything would be ready just enough to click “GO” button and since now you could enjoy your new trip (Pic.19).
    Pic.18 The "Create your own trip" interface.