(Google) Travel Guide

The application for tourist stuff and individual customers


The basic interface would contain select travel agency (Pic.5) and create your own trip (Pic.6), where you would be able to set your own destination. This assumed interface is based on the Omnibus Travel Agency from Iwonicz-Zdroj where I used to work as a tour guide.

Pic.5 The ready-prepared route head interface
Pic.6 The travel agency researcher and self-prepared route interface

Let's give an example for our trip. In my case it will be one of the trips, offered by the Omnibus tourist agency from Iwonicz-Zdrój, where I used to work as a tour guide.

Well, let’s think that this tourist agency gave us a freelance trip to Vrbov (Slovakia). Now we must find this tourist agency in the database provided and then pick our proper route. Your route should be prepared in the application including all destinations. Aside the route details you would have an opportunity to check the trip duration, time of departure & arrival and how many drivers and breaks is required. Once you will check all details you can approve your route and since now tool is ready to give you information in accordance with your current location.

We could find the tourist agency in 2 following ways:
- using the magnifying glass to search the tourist agency by name,
- using the magnifying glass to search the travel agency by town where the tourist agency is based in(Pic.7,8).
Pic.7 Choosing of thavel agency by name
Pic.8 Choosing of thavel agency by town

When you find your agency press select button. You would be doing similarly to find your proper trip from dozen or so offered by previously chosen travel agency. Find the journey and press select button again (Pic.9,10).

Pic.9 Trip choice
Pic.10 Trip choice

Now when you selected the trip you need to select the route. When everything is alright you could go to the main panel, where I would see 3 basic elements:
- select the normal route (select optional route). The optional route would be the quickest way frequented in normal conditions, In unlikely cases like road closures you would have option to chose replaceable route B
. - information about the route (destination details). It is very important to check the destination details option in order to check the walk routes with informations included,
- another trip details (trip properties), which would include information about intinerary and number of drivers (Pic.11).

Pic.11 Trip to Vrbov main tab

Just after picking the proper route you could see preview (route preview) your journey with option total insight (click to enlarge). Then you could analyze entire route from your start point (basic location) and places where you have to stop aside your travel destinations (additional stops). Finally you could find your main destination (main destination) and other places where you will stay for sightseeing (another destinations). Everything would be organized by route direction (route direction)(Pic.12,13).

Pic.12 Trip to Vrbov preview.
Pic.13 Trip to Vrbov details.

The destination details (destination details) would be labelled with (description) and type: (visit) when sightseeing or (rest) in case of another activities). List of destinations tab could state main place where we are going to (main destination)(Pic.14).

Pic.14 Destination details preview.

Let’s pick one destination then e.g. Levoca town. We should be redirected into the town centre plan right away with option to insight much better (click to enlarge) (Pic.15). This town centre plan provided would contain exemplary sightseeing walks between the most remarkable places.

Pic.15 Levoca town details.

After chose odd trip information (trip properties) the tab would contain:
- the country of our destination (destination country), in our case this is Slovakia,
- how many borders to we need to cross (borders), not applicable in the Shengen zone,
- duration our trip (duration), 1 day for our trip,
- number of drivers (drivers), for our trip only 1 driver would be required,
- overall number of stops (stops), 6 during our trip (where 4 refers to the destination details and another 2 to another facilities),
- departure time (departure time), for us it would be 6.30,
- arrival time (arrival time), for us 22:30,
- entire distance of our route (total length), which amounts 443km,
- entire distance of our route modified (modify total length), which would be available for alternative route (Pic.16).

Pic.16 Trip to Vrbov odd details.

Every our tab would contains “GO” button, redirecting us into the route provided. In the picture below (Pic.17) you can see the Svidnik town with all places taken into account. You would have option to enlarge this map too.

Pic.17 Example of the application based on the Svidnik town with all landmarks marked. Market route shows the ways to use information provided.

As you noticed the route is marked by different colours. A red colour indicates right moment to describe all the closest objects visible. Blue and brown show a right moment to develop a various topics related to Svidnik town and surroundings. Look that the street names are not covered due to be readable. In each trip you can also click the button “BACK” to return to trip details (Pic.18) and check it again just in case.

Pic.18 Head app interface visualization