(Google) Travel Guide

The application for tourist stuff and individual customers


This application would provide the See-know technology, which means that when you are going somewhere you are able to see many things outside and to get information about it at once.

The information about your current position would be divided into 3 blocks:
- The closest area, which could contains the objects situated just close to the road like houses, churches, etc.
- The adjacent area, including further, up to 10km objects but still clearly visible for you or your passengers like close hills, prominent spots, castles etc.
- The remote area, seen during the good weather only like some mountain ranges.
In the pictures below you can see all 3 blocks in order to your route (R) and live examples based on the Street View tool.

Pic.1 Interesting object on our route: 1 - the closest area, situated side be side to road (closest area), seen as bigger; 2 - further object (adjacent area), seen as smaller, deployed within a few kilometers; 3 - the furthest object (areas) (remote area) in the background (mountain ranges or castles).

Concluding the closest area contains your foreground. Next 2 blocks show your background, which may be described when is clearly visible from the route. The remote area could be described only when there is nothing interesting at this moment on your route.

Pic.2 The closest object situated just outside the road (closest area), with respect to further places adjacent area, layed quite close to Dukla town, like e.g. Cergowa mountain
Pic.3 The further objects (adjacent area), e.g. Oil Well in Bóbrka against the furthest areas (remote area) like Dynowskie Foothills with the most prominent Królewska mountain.
Pic.4 On section without close objects you could focus on the furthest areas (remote area), e.g. Dynowskie Foothills in case above.

Before your planned trip either as a tourist or as a tour guide (who usually know the destination route) you would install the entire route of your trip. Then this installed trip would load in your current position and give you information about the objects and another curious topics about the place and region where you are. Those information would come from a various sources both Internet and local tourist literature. Thanks to this either tourist or tourist guide would have detailed insight in the nearest places, objects and finally travel destinations. If you would use this tool as a tour guide you should have a substantive knowledge about your trip! This application would be your help nevertheless it could not replace your voice! This tool would give you plenty of data, which you have to manage all the time in every part of your trip.