(Google) Travel Guide

The application for tourist stuff and individual customers


We live in the times when tourist traffic grows rapidly. Many people during their trips want to see something interesting and obviously want to get to know about the destinations and the interesting places passing by en route. In some remarkable and most popular places you can use well-prepared virtual or multimedia guides which are capable of hand the most important information about the place where you are. I have an idea for the application, which can provide the most interesting information about the place of your destination and also about an object which you are passing by during your trip.

Every trip contains 3 basic elements:
- the route from place of your stay to your travel destination,
- staying and sightseeing your travel destination (including a trip between one travel destinations to another when necessary),
- return from the travel destination to place of your staying.

During the transfer into your travel destination you are able to see more or less interesting places through the window. When you are staying in your travel destination you may take a rest (alternatively to deal some business) when you are not interested in place where you came. In another case you can be eager to see at least a couple of things in the place of your destination. When you want to know something about your journey without time-consuming searching the information in the local tourist literature this tool would be helpful. When you work as a tour guide and need to describe some spots for your travelers this application will be tailor made for you! You will not have to spend so much time to prepare before your appearance however it’s good to have at least a sufficient basic knowledge about leading escorted tour.

Why Google Travel Guide? I have named this application like this because Google made many things useful for geographers and tourists. Thereby I think that it could be prepare the tool like this. Anyway it won’t need called like Google, the name is flexible.

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