Geotourism in the Wojaszówka multicipality

The ways to enhance the touristic character of the area.

The Inventory of inaminate nature is essential to evaluate the geotouristic potential of the administrative area. At the beginning we should say, that an geoturistic object is something, that through its tourist, educational and environemental advantages becames useful for society. This geoturistical object is also sign-posted and improves the tourist features of local area.
In case of the Wojaszówka municipality there is not many geoturistic spots, that has been described. There is a lot of inaminate objects, that can become a geoturistical places in the future. On the basis of the inventory of those lifeless objects, carried out by myself between 2008 and 2010 i can suggest, that the geoturism in the Wojaszówka municipality have a big chances to develop.

I have a inventory questionnaire, where I put all data about the surveyed objects. This questionnaire contains the field data combined with current GIS tools. The templates of the geosite documentation I got from a few publications and modified to the most up-to-date tools like geotagging.

All gathered information about the inaminate objects I have divided on 3 basic groups:

A. Terrain data
- including mainly a field documentation with a basic drawing. Another information refers to accesibility, actual use, level of preserve and object form. All has been photographed too.
B. Multimedia data
- where I included the location issues (Openstreetmap) with a rough place, description, cadastral map of the nearest area and the StreetView option where possible.
C. The literature
- which helps to fill up the relevant information like proposed object status, possible ways to use, didactic value and references.

The terrian data, GIS tool and references helps me to valorise the surveyed objects. I am taking into account the values like: scientific, spatial, ecologic, cultural, visual and primarly usage.

Using all inventory tools, mentioned above I could prepare the inanimate object classification based on the point values.

You can enter to the Wojaszówka municipality inanimate objects base here