Geotourism in the Wojaszówka multicipality

The ways to enhance the touristic character of the area.

The Wojaszówka munticipality is situated in western part of the Subcarpathian Voivodship in the south-eastern part of Poland. The area is a part of Outer Western Carparthians (West-Beskidian Piedmont), a geographical region extending throughout southern Poland. This part of the Carpathians is built by flysh consisting of sandstones and mudrocks. It creates a good opportunities to geotourism development. After the inventory and making the geotourism map guide we will be able to emphasize the natural attractions of a region.

This project is a extention of my final disertation. I started to gather information about the death nature in my home munticipality to create the geotourism inventory and make a touristic and educational trails.
The main purposes of the project:
- preserve the death environment objects
- encourage the visitors to stay in the region
- the environmental educate the visitors and local communities