Specialist galleries

I share my photos of geographical stuff and try to describe the processes featured like you can read either in the books or in the specialist publications.

External galleries

I am an active member of Google Earth community, which provide many pictures to help people to discover the World. There are links to my accounts below.

My gallery

Highlights of the World and phenomenas, which I have seen

Taking photos nowadays? It's not a problem! You can make pictures even by phone. It is important to see the most relevant places in the most proper time and catch the best phenomenas in the right moment. We can do this, but not always. The essence is try to capture the part of your life as much as posible.

I prepared a wide photo gallery about my main interests. Every picture has been made by my newly collected digital lens sensor camera Nikon D5300 with the highest quality. I encourage you to watch my galleries. Maybe you will get inspired to develope your hobbies.